Our Services
Six core principles guide our Service and Culture:

Ethical Sourcing
Our vendor base would be certified for Social Compliance as required by law and business practice.

Speed To Market
Our processes, systems and people ensure product is delivered in the minimum lead time.
- Build vendor capacity and modular production units by forming relationships.
- Reduce “Cycle Time” by building raw materials at source. Infuse design into production.

Country of Strength versus Origin
Cross border sourcing helps you get the product based on country strengths and also maximizes price, duty and logistics advantages.

Price Value and Design Proposition
We bring to you not just a product at a price, but a product that is engineered to a price and design with an optimum value proposition.

Real Time Production and Quality Control
To keep you ahead of the curve, help you to make informed decisions and deliver quality on time.

Transparent partnerships between Vendors and Buyers.

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